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SANGUINE are a four piece female fronted alternative rock/metal band from the UK.

Notorious for their live shows, they have supported acts such as Megadeth, Fear Factory, Skindred, Mushroomhead, Cancer Bats, Zebrahead, Hed PE, OPM to name a few! They have played at legendary UK festivals such as Download (Donnington) and Bloodstock, and toured/played shows across the UK, EUROPE and the USA.

“The crowd for these guys was massive and it’s easy to see why” Myglobalmindmedia

Members include Tarin Kerrey (vocals), Nick Magee (guitars/vocals), Ross Andrew (bass) and Matt Feld on drums. Sanguine’s relentless front-woman/singer, Tarin Kerrey, has worked with artists such as Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Mike W. Goodman (Sikth). The band members refer to themselves as a family, and their fans are known as THE SANGUINE ARMY.

COLD BLOOD – new album (2019)

In 2019, SANGUINE released their new album COLD BLOOD. Again receiving rave reviews by the press:

“Cold Blood is an excellent album” 9/10 Powerplay Magazine

“Album of the year – It’s genuinely the first time in a long time I’ve felt like I could relate to every track from an album” 10/10 IndependantMediaWolves

“Led by intriguing vocalist Tarin Kerrey, who puts in an excellent turn in Pressure and Ignite – they prove they are still ones to watch.” Metal Hammer Magazine


BLACK SHEEP – album (2016)

SANGUINE’s first professional studio album BLACK SHEEP was released in 2016. Featuring tracks co-written with Jesper Strömblad (In Flames/Cyhra), produced by Daniel Flores (The Murder of My Sweet).

BLACK SHEEP was critically acclaimed by the press. “A brutal and beautiful album” 10/10

In the words of Metal Hammer magazine.  “This won’t be the last time you hear about SANGUINE”




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Never tried anything like this before so here goes!!!

It's a pretty weird time for everyone right now so we thought we'd have a go at breaking the isolation blues.

We ... See more

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Sanguine - The Blue (Official Video)

Sanguine 'The Blue' - Song taken from Sanguine's latest album 'Black Sheep'. The video features lead singer Tarin Kerrey in her home county of Devon where th...

5 months ago

In quarantine making quarantine plans! We've had to adapt our plan a bit for obvious reasons BUT we've got some awesome stuff coming in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned and more importantly ... See more

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Sanguine - SOCIAL DECAY (Official Video)

This song seem's to fit now unfortunately well....

Social Decay is a sneak peak of Sanguine's up coming album 'BLACK SHEEP' due for release on January 29th 2016! It features harrowing footage from their 1936 ...

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Home for the next few months....time to get creative! Stay safe everybody and look out for each other out there x

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Happy Friday folks x

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Girlz Rawk

Absolutely gutted that we have to cancel the weekends shows....Tarin is really sick and docs have said to rest up....we'll be back soon, plenty of awesome bands still on the line up thankfully! ... See more


We are saddened to say that though we thought we were fairly safe with our headline band 5RAND coming from an unaffected part of Itay, it was not to ... See more

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Lonesome - SANGUINE

There is fine line between spamming and trying to make peeps aware of new material - we personally hate it when bands endlessly post the same stuff, so do our best not to be that band! It does mean ... See more

"Lonesome" from the album COLD BLOOD by SANGUINE. Written and produced by SANGUINE. Published by AMF Publishing.

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