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SANGUINE are a four piece female fronted alternative rock/metal band from the UK.

Notorious for their live shows, they have supported acts such as Megadeth, Fear Factory, Skindred, Mushroomhead, Cancer Bats, Zebrahead, Hed PE, OPM to name a few! They have played at legendary UK festivals such as Download (Donnington) and Bloodstock, and toured/played shows across the UK, EUROPE and the USA.

“The crowd for these guys was massive and it’s easy to see why” Myglobalmindmedia

Members include Tarin Kerrey (vocals), Nick Magee (guitars/vocals), Ross Andrew (bass) and Matt Feld on drums. Sanguine’s relentless front-woman/singer, Tarin Kerrey, has worked with artists such as Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) and Mike W. Goodman (Sikth). The band members refer to themselves as a family, and their fans are known as THE SANGUINE ARMY.

COLD BLOOD – new album (2019)

In 2019, SANGUINE released their new album COLD BLOOD. Again receiving rave reviews by the press:

“Cold Blood is an excellent album” 9/10 Powerplay Magazine

“Album of the year – It’s genuinely the first time in a long time I’ve felt like I could relate to every track from an album” 10/10 IndependantMediaWolves

“Led by intriguing vocalist Tarin Kerrey, who puts in an excellent turn in Pressure and Ignite – they prove they are still ones to watch.” Metal Hammer Magazine


BLACK SHEEP – album (2016)

SANGUINE’s first professional studio album BLACK SHEEP was released in 2016. Featuring tracks co-written with Jesper Strömblad (In Flames/Cyhra), produced by Daniel Flores (The Murder of My Sweet).

BLACK SHEEP was critically acclaimed by the press. “A brutal and beautiful album” 10/10

In the words of Metal Hammer magazine.  “This won’t be the last time you hear about SANGUINE”




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3 months ago

3 months ago

We've had some amazing reviews for our new album 'Cold Blood' - below are some of our favourite quotes so far!

'Cold Blood is an excellent album' - 9/10 - Power Play Magazine

'Album of the year - ... See more

3 months ago
Lonesome - SANGUINE

We are proud to show you our final single from Cold Blood 'Lonesome' - Lonesome is about the push and pull of our relationships, the emptiness and the joy. Stick together, appreciate and hold each ... See more

"Lonesome" from the album COLD BLOOD by SANGUINE. Written and produced by SANGUINE. Published by AMF Publishing.

3 months ago

One more sleep until the album is released!!!

'They have delivered the type of beast that sinks its teeth into you and holds you there making sure you don’t miss a thing' 8/10

We woke up to this ... See more

3 months ago


So when we heard that US legends CKY were doing a one off intimate show we just couldn't resist!!! This is gonna be a monster ☠

3 months ago

Two days until Cold Blood hits the shops ☠

3 months ago



This amazing review of our new album just landed!!!
'Cold Blood' is available this Friday!

Full review ... See more

3 months ago
Metal Ashes Radio Show


#Playing: SANGUINE - 5 Seconds To Midnight

Their new album, Cold Blood, will be released on 06.12.2019.

Martin Dunning, Bespoke Media PR

4 months ago
Rock Lifestyle

Tune in folks!!! ☠

We'd like to welcome SANGUINE @SmileAtStrangersOfficial Walking Rumor KMC3 - Kaiser and the Machines of Creation Zephyra @RecessOfficial World Breaker

The Edge Of Reason (TEOR) ... See more

4 months ago
973FM: Blasts That Last

We will be premiering the following tracks on Alternative Arena from 8:20pm (GMT+8) on Sunday night!

Indie Butterflies Dream - Justice for Kurt
Samantha Aurelio - Learn The Hard Way
Koburg - We ... See more

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